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:wave: Welcome to StartupNash. This is a housekeeping channel where we share announcements and community operations (goals as a group, milestones, feedback, etc.)


Hello and welcome to StartupNashSlack. This is a place for area founders, investors, and community members to talk about news, jobs, new startups etc. Introduce yourself here. Tell us: your name and your latest project.


How are you doing today? What are your goals? Daily updates is a great space to tell us about what you are working on. This is the town square for our community.
This is a channel for personal and professional updates and a place to get daily feedback and support :sun_with_face:


Add your startup: <[URL]> -- Answers will appear here and on <[URL]|>
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What did you crush this week? Ship something great? Make an awesome hire? Grow revenue? Tell us about it!


List job opportunities


This is a place to ask business-related questions and get honest answers from the group. Want to ask for help anonymously? Ask Britepeer: <[URL]>
A place for founders to make a succinct and specific ask or offer.


Have a new project? Tell us about it here. Need help with your company’s launch plan? Ask us! Experienced founders: What are lessons learned last time you launched something? Funders: What do you look for when a founder launches something new?
Tell us about the project you’re working on with a link to the website. We will give you our candid feedback!


For any interesting, local Nashville events, that would be good for fellow entrepreneurs to know about.


Vendors, books, SaaS - whatever you've been using that you find helpful for your business..


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