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How can I add new Slack workspaces on Slofile?

At first, please sign in to Slofile.
Once signed in with your Slack account, most fields are automatically filled with Slack API data.

How can I add stats of my Slack on Slofile?

Stats like number of members, channels or timezone chart can be generated only with Slack auth.
If you add your workspace using Slack auth, stats will be automatically generated.
If your Slack has been listed without Slack auth, please sign in again with Slack auth, and stats will be generated.

Who can edit Slack profile on Slofile?

Slack profile can only be edited by members of that workspace.

My Slack has been listed by someone else. How can I claim my Slack page?

Please sign in with your Slack account. If you are running that workspace, you can control that page. Once you have claimed that page, you can edit Slack profile. Or you can delist your Slack from Slofile.

How can I update Slack profile?

If you added the Slack through Slack auth, most of the data on Slofile is based on your Slack's actual settings. Update your workspace profile or channel profiles in Slack, then click 'Refresh' button in account page. For fields like description and URL for Join link, you can edit them directly from 'Settings' in account page.

If you are not a member of that Slack, you cannot update that Slack page.

Number of members shown on Slofile differs from the number on my Slack app.

There are several possibilities which cause the discrepancies between Slofile and your Slack. 1) Our stats are not rigidly realtime, so it may not be latest numbers. 2) We exclude the default slackbot from the number of members and bots. 3) Number of members in channels include both human and bots.

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