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AMSxTech Banter, everything chatty, community and conversational
The one channel to rule them all! A place for banter, links, articles of interest, humor or anything else which you'd like concentrated in some place other than work-related channels.


Everything local what’s happening in and around Amsterdam; parties, events, conferences and meetups! ALSO your questions about housing can be asked here :slightly_smiling_face:
Launching an product/incubator/secret bar? Need some PH upvotes? This is the channel to share your announcement.


Looking for a new a job or project? Or a new employee, freelancer or co-worker? Share it here.
Introduce yourself (who are you, where do you work, any cool news?) and say hello our newest members!


Algorithms, motherfucker, do you know them?
All code.


Startup-related questions and answers. We’ve got you covered, unicorn.


NSFW maybe?


Submission form is hooked up to this channel so whenever anyone submits a request their joke gets added here
Knock knock…, yo mama.


Hungry? Fancy eating with others? Wanna try out a new restaurant? 1 on 1 date? Smakelijk eten.


PS4 Community: AMSxTech;
TV shows, movies, music and gaming. Spoiling not you shall do.


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