Android United is a friendly Slack community of professional Android developers. At the moment we unite more than 300 developers from all over the world. We share our experience, knowledge and relevant news about Android and mobile. We help each other.

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Channel to discuss community itself, NOT for Android questions. Community website and invite form: [URL]
Discussions and announcements about the Android United community itself.


Channel to discuss User Interface part of Android. Views, styling, themes, usability, UX, etc.
Everything about visual part of Android: views, styles, theming, UI/UX questions.


Channel to discuss various libs for Android.
Discussions about 3-rd party libraries that don't fit existed channels such as media, network-concurrency, etc.


Jobs board, talks about job market, interviews, hiring practices, etc. If you or your company is hiring, it’s okay to post a good job description here, but no recruiters spam please. If you are looking for a role, check <#C051U1X8UH0|hire-me>
Hiring or looking for a job? This channel is for you. (Please include the name of the company.)


Channel to share useful and interesting news, urls, etc.
Important news from Android world.


Channel to discuss Android and mobile related events. Conferences, meetups, hackathons, etc.
This channel is about events and conferences (e.g. Google IO, Droidcon) that could be interesting for Android people.


Channel for miscellaneous Android related topics that are hard to categorize and don't fit other existing channels.
Channel for general and miscellaneous questions that don't fit the existed targeted channels.


Channel to discuss best practices, design patterns, architecture approaches, etc.
Discussions about design patterns and applications architecture.


Channel to discuss build systems for Android. Gradle, Buck, Bazel, etc.
Build system discussions. Gradle, Buck, Bazel, etc.


Channel to discuss various tools that could be helpful for Android development.
Useful tools and services.


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