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Check out some of our great channels: #apps, #development are for discussing apps and dev. #hangout is for off topic discussion. This #_announcements channel is where we notify y'all of updates or changes.


General dev questions | [URL] | Do not cross post!
All about the development process, the tools involved and the lifecycle around it.


A place to share your apps, blog posts, ProductHunt links or anything else you want to show off! Job postings go in <#C0630GLFL|jobs>
Share all your cool apps here.


Post some sweet libraries you've made, found out about, or would like some feedback on!
To discuss libraries and ask questions about different libraries and their uses in Android development


Design shizzle


[URL] New to Android and got a burning question you want answered? Post as much data as you can so we can do as much as we can to help you. Images and code are a must!
A channel where beginners can hang out and ask for advice and answers to questions from more learned developers. If you're a beginner don't hesitate to ask in other channels too, though!


parrotwave is my favorite music genre
General hangout - No development questions here.


Job postings are pinned! | Please post a full job description. This includes: level, remote, location, etc.


Anything related to Kotlin: questions, updates and more! [URL]
Anything related to Kotlin: questions, updates and more! [URL]


By reading this people attending I/O are contractually obliged to live comment everything. We know who you are.
Preliminary discussion of virtually running an Android based conference online for anyone to watch.


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