I am a web development expert with 6+ years experience and expertise building full-stack React.js/Vue.js/Angular + Node.js/Laravel/Django applications and streaming data analytics solutions.
I has designed and developed an context-aware advertising platform using Node.js.

I always work honestly and finish all tasks in time. I always will report you about a progress in your project. I could write clean code which can be easy extended and supported in the future.
Simultaneously, I'm good at learning new technology quickly and collaborating with team using GitHub.

I use javascript language in process of my work.
I know much about object oriented programming and design patterns.

My skills are followings:

- Javascript (4 years)
- React (2 years)
- Vue (1 years)
- Node.js (4 years)
- Angular (2 years)
- Laravel Framework (4 years)
- Python, Django Frameworks (3 years)
- Single-page Applications (SPA) (3 years)
- MongoDB (3 years)
- React Native (2 years)
- REST API (2 years)
- SASS, Git

I prefer the fast and efficient work pace and enjoy thinking outside of the box for every project.

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