A wifi home for third culture kids, expats, internationals, global nomads and citizens of the world where we share travel tips, our stories, local travel secrets, hold meet ups, make friends globally and more!

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:wave: Introduce yourself to the community!
Introduce yourself to the community! Are you a third culture kid, expat or international? Where have you travelled? Where are your top 3 favourite places in the world?


Reach out to the whole community here
This channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel.


A place to find new hires/recommend hires/get jobs


:airplane: Post a location and let others guess where you are!
Post a location and let others guess where you are!


:round_pushpin:Plan meetups in your location!
Plan meetups in your location


tips, chat, experiences, questions, anything and everything travel
talk about where you want to go next


:fork_and_knife:Share your favourite restaurant/recipies/all food related!
best restaurants in your area


a place to discuss social justice issues around the world. Thank you to <@UBJ23NNH4> and <@U0131LCDC4B> for suggesting this channel!


A place for us to talk about our well-being, mental health and share our stories


I've noticed that some of us have YT channels about TCK life, or Blogs and such. I just thought it would be nice to have a place where we can share all our stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


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