The Civic Hacker Network is a networking and support hub for people who use data and technology to make an impact in their community. This is the place online where people who believe in using data and tech for good connect, collaborate, and increase their impact.

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Company-wide announcements and work-based matters
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


Non-work banter and water cooler conversation
A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


Welcome, new (and returning) community members! There is at least one person here who wants to meet you, learn from you, and/or help you with the work you care about the most. Say hello!


This is where to post job opportunities and calls for volunteers.


Promote your events, conferences, etc. in this channel!


A place to share stories and ideas about solutions, resources, and tools. Conversation threads in this channel may be made public on "The Civic Hacker Slog".
conversations here are used for our public blog posts via hackernoon's slogging app


This is the place for pre and post watch party chatter!


This is the summit lounge.


This is for questions and discussion pertaining to the sessions listed on Day 1's summit agenda.


This is for questions and discussion pertaining sessions listed on Day 2 of the summit agenda.


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