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Clojurians - A community for all things clojure :clj: :cljs: :datomic: - Please Read and adhere to our Code of Conduct: [URL] - This channel is for Clojurians Admin Team announcements and is non-partable.


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Discuss all things clojure :clj: If need assistance with Slack itself, try #slack-help or contact an Admin: they’re listed at the end of the Code of Conduct [URL]


ClojureScript, a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript <[URL]> | Currently at 1.9.946


Know of any clojure events? At one right now and want to talk about it? heres the place to do it.


[URL] Clojurians Slack Community Code of Conduct. Searchable message archives are at [URL]
A place for non clojure banter, links, general chit-chat, articles of interest, humor or anything else.


If you’re new to slack, or need any help with the day-to-day usage of it, ask any questions in here.


Announcements (ONLY!) for releases of projects, libraries, and other Clojure-related things!
For community members to make announcements about projects, libraries, and other things that might be of interest to the Clojure community. Follow-up discussions should happen elsewhere!


Getting started with Clojure/ClojureScript? This is the place to ask questions!
If you're new to Clojure and/or ClojureScript, this is a great place to ask your questions. All new members of Clojurians join this channel which contains a good number of experienced folks who've opted in to help you in depth as you learn!


Clojure(Script)-related job offers (please specify upfront about remote working, location-boundedness, visa sponsorship etc) and job seekers. Discuss at <#C0KL616MN|jobs-discuss>! Also there's <#C06B40HMY|remote-jobs>
If you’re looking to hire Clojure(Script) developers, or be hired as a Clojure(Script) developer, then this is the place. Recruiters: please specify upfront about remote working, location-boundedness, visa sponsorship etc!


Clojure News channel - [URL]


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