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*Sign-up for anyone wanting to join Code4Africa Slack*: <[URL]> *or WanaData at* <[URL]>
This channel is for community-wide announcements / updates. Treat it as you would treat Twitter — visible to all. Have fun!


A place for non-work banter, links, articles of interest, humor or anything else which you'd like concentrated in some place other than work-related channels.


This is an *Open* channel for community members to share their projects / initiatives, for feedback, support or simply to inspire the rest of us.


*Notice Board* for funding opportunities / events / awards / travel, etc.
This channel is for sharing news about awards, events, grants, and other opportunities for the CfAfrica/ANCIR community to help us build an international profile and get recognition for the work we do.


A channel for sharing recruitment + freelancing + other opportunities in the African civic tech + data journalism + open data space.


This channel is a space for organisers and members of Hacks/Hackers Africa chapters to brainstorm ideas and coordinate activities.


*Digital journalism skills*: the community channel for [URL]
This is a *Public Channel* for all participants in the *StoryLab Academy* supported by *Google News Lab* and *World Bank* and *Code4Africa*.


This channel is a space for discussions about portals and other sources for open data across Africa, including community initiatives such as [URL]


This is a *Public Channel* for the community to share tools and/or resources that *they’ve used and recommend*. Please only share tools you rate as good.


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