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General chat for community builders (and pets). Please read our rules! <[URL]>
This channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel. Please abide by our Code of Conduct: <[URL]>


Ask questions and learn from top community builders.
Ask Me Anything sessions with top community leaders


Community knowledge sharing - share great posts, tweets, and other resources. More here: <[URL]>
Resources for community leaders!


Welcome to the Community Club! <[URL]>
Welcome to Community Chat!


Tell the community about your background, what community you manage, and what you are looking to get out of the community!


Remember to also post your jobs up at <[URL]>!
Remember to also post your jobs up at <[URL]>!


New tools, brought to you by John. No overt solicitation from vendors please. More @ <[URL]>
Discussion about community software, platforms, tools, and more!


Share your community events here!


Invite your fellow community builders!
Invite your fellow community builders!


Updates from the Commsor team. Learn more at <[URL]> :tada:
Commsor builds tools for community leaders. Learn more at <[URL]>


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