Crypto Masterminds is an online resource-based community for active cryptocurrency traders & blockchain participants. This dynamic forum, based on Slack, serves a tool to support, train, and better your investor skills. As a private-invite group, we offer a top selection of experienced digital currency traders.

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General chat to discuss cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other blockchain stuff. :bitcoin:
This channel is for cryptocurrency market-wide communication and announcements. If you would like to see a channel about a specific coin, token, currency, or ICO - please request it by emailing [Email]


Use this channel to set public price alerts, using ICO Watch Dog. You will be cc-ed and get a direct notification for alerts you set publicly.


Use this channel to set public Volume alerts through ICO Watch Dog.


This channel contains updates on new coin releases on different exchanges.


<#C8K8X36UU|cryptonews> is a channel hooked to a cryptocurrency RSS feed. To see what blogs are posting on here, read the User Guide.



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