Devs Connect is an inclusive community of digital professionals, students, and enthusiasts sharing their insights into new software technologies with each other, whoever and wherever they are. We strive to create an open space for people, from varying levels of expertise in software development, to come together and share knowledge. Alongside our public Slack workspace, Devs Connect also runs free events for software developers to exchange knowledge and expand their personal network.

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This is the one channel that will always include everyone. It’s a great spot for announcements and team-wide conversations.


This channel is for... well, everything else. It’s a place for team jokes, spur-of-the-moment ideas, and funny GIFs. Go wild!


A place for members to introduce themselves and for us to welcome them


a space to show the community what tech you're looking at and discussions around it


Tutorials on finding your way around Slack and the channels


Advice and experiences from community members recalling when they spoke in public for the first time. Please add your own - great to hear from you no matter your familiarity. Pin experience logs and tips so they stand out from other conversations.


All our published event videos on YouTube


Test Inclusive Bot though there isn't a free tier we could use. <[URL]|> looks like a viable alternative.





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