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We use <#CBW6YK4LF|general> for community wide discussions and announcements!
Meetup: <[URL]> YouTube: <[URL]> Pl. turn on notifications to follow discussions.


Use this channel to introduce yourself and get to know about other community members. Its a great place to start conversations with new members and create opportunities for collaborations amongst each other.
To get to know other people of the community. Please say a bit about yourself in 2-3 sentences


Use this channel to share jobs and internships opportunities that you know of. This is one of the most critical channel since you could help a community member kick start a career in data science or get support if they are looking to switch jobs.
Connecting job/internship seekers with people offering them


Use this channel to share blogs, videos, jupyter notebooks, courses and anything else that you feel the community can benefit from. The content shared here could be produced by you or by someone else. Avoid sharing promotional content here.
Using this channel for collaborations, suggestions and using <#CBW6YK4LF|general> for sharing the same


Use this channel to ask the community members for technical help if you are stuck somewhere, we would try our best to get you a response. You can also use this channel if you are looking for collaborations for your project.


Use this channel to share any data science events(meetups, webinars, conferences, competitions, and hackathons) that either you are responsible for or you are participating in so that others in the community could also make use of the opportunities.


Zero to Gan's




This Channel is to show and let other test your work!



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