Essteem organizes various diversity and inclusion events such as networking, game night, leadership workshops, skills development, hack nights, and projects to introduce our community of overlooked and diverse tech talent to companies that have challenges in sourcing, hiring, and retaining diverse tech talent.

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To share news, updates, and ask for help during our Equalithons.
The purpose of this channel is to ask questions and share related to the Equalithon challenges.


Check out the Inclusive company dashboard: <[URL]|> (pw: EssteemDash2020). Post career tips & job offers here; for each post, please explain WHY the company is good at Inclusion.
Share some career advice, recieve some career advice :slightly_smiling_face:


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Words of encouragement to keep you motivated. You are not an imposter in tech, you're an outlier!


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If you see a good read, share it here. If you write an article, share it here (I'll share mine!) so we like & share it. Use hashtags, or instance #Development, or #Front-end, #Back-end, #data-science etc.
Tools, tips, etc for advancing your career in tech.


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