#FutureofLearning is a forum on slack for anyone working or interested in future of learning, including alternative education, new school, life schools and lifelong learning.
Our vision is this will be a community where all members can ask for advice, opportunities, collaborate, share jobs, announce projects they're working on, find experts and hopefully even get together. We see this community as ever evolving and playing a part in shaping the conversations for the Future of Learning globally.

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This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


A place for non-work banter, links, articles of interest, humor or anything else which you'd like concentrated in some place other than work-related channels.


This channel is for any articles, links, resources that could help other alternative education / life long learning businesses


Any events you're holding, attending or would like to check out.


any job postings you have that you'd like to share


Any questions we all may have that we’d like to get the wider community to answer, brainstorm or simply think about someday in the future. Backburner questions.


This is for any collaboration opportunities you have


Please use this channel to introduce yourself to the community


any books that you want to share


Anything you want to promote - marketing flyers etc.


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