A place for music producers to interact with each other and with industry professionals. We have channels that cater to different daws and gear. We share knowledge, tips, and more.

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Where we congregate before picking a channel. Check here for announcement and other useful information. No music links! Share those in <#CBU3R39AB|theplaylist> or <#C49FUP3AA|beatoftheweek>
introduce yourself and mingle a bit. byob! just don't get too lit!


share 1 instrumental track a week via soundcloud, audiomack, youtube, bandcamp, etc (just drop the url share link). Deadline for tracks is EVERY WEDNESDAY at NOON Eastern. Voting ends midnight on THURSDAY!!
submit for the #istandardbotw. Drop an embeddable link from soundcloud, YouTube, etc. Do not use links to beats you have for sale. Submissions are open starting Friday and close Wednesday at noon eastern/ 11 am central.


Copyrights, licenses, contracts, publishing and more. Verified info only, please no misinformation. If you aren't sure don't share.


Collaboration Station
This channel is for producers looking to collab. Once you finish let us hear them!


Share dope music. Type /songlink to find and share on multiple platforms with ease.
Share any music here. Streaming links and videos preferred. It can be your own or something you're listening to. Do not spam. Do not share a million things at once. Sharing is Caring but oversharing is overbearing!


the place for writer and producers to meet. open beats? a capellas? share them here! let's make some music to pitch or put out.
writers looking for producers? producers looking for writers? link up and make some musical babies!


Check in and talk that engineering talk. Ask our resident Chief Engineer <@U43DWEKG9> a question. Share problems, tips and more.


Powered by Tracklib - <[URL]|www.tracklib.com/istandard>
From crate-digging to e-digging, chopping and flipping, this channel is dedicated to the art of sampling.


find and connect with other creators on social media. share your ig, twitter, youtube, etc
Share you social media information here! IG, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Links to social media only! No music links here!


let's talk about music technology! daws, plugins. sound packs, newly released equipment, racks, interfaces, headphones, software and more.


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