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New members, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! Are you a musician? A manager? A promoter?


Here you can go OT and also promote your music, if you want.
A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


Did you found a music startup? Are you a "musicpreneur"? Share here your experience and let's talk about the music & startups world.


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Let's talk about tools: digital platforms, distribution or promotion tools...


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Are you a musician, a band, a composer? Think of this as a common room to discuss topics, ask questions, share industry knowledge and music biz experiences!


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Here nerds are running free! Let’s talk about music apps development! Which APIs are you using? For what purpose? What is your experience?


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What is your experience with the relationship with your fans? Have you ever manage a street team? Let's talk about fans management, street teams, fanclubs and fandom in general!


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Music business news delivered thanks to [URL] If you want you can contribute with interesting news about the music industry!


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Wanna tell the community about an interesting biz event? Wanna report something interesting heard in a congress or a fair ? Share it here!


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