As part of our ongoing mission to help freelancers and entrepreneurs build a profitable and fulfilling business online, we have built a brand-new, 100% free Slack community.

Join the following channels:

#the-lobby: where you can introduce yourself and ask general questions.

#digital-marketing: insights and resources on digital marketing.

#email-marketing: insights and resources on email marketing.

#personal-dev: insights and resources on personal development, leadership, and productivity.

#guest-posts: channel for guest posting opportunities to help strengthen your link building and SEO efforts.

#growthhackers-pod: a "pod" for Growth Hackers users who want an initial "boost" by asking fellow members to "upvote" their submissions.

#shameless-plug: free, no-judgment channel where you can share links, granted you don't abuse the channel.

#entrepreneurs: networking channel for entrepreneurs, where you can share and ask feedback on anything you're going through in terms of your business.

#freelance-life: networking channel for freelancers, where you can share and ask feedback on anything you're going through in terms of your freelance career.

#job-board: where entrepreneurs can share their current job openings.

#game-room: a channel for when you want to unwind and play games with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers; we currently have two games, being Trivia and Categories.

#wow-such-memes: where you can post memes of all sorts.

See you there!

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Company-wide announcements and work-based matters
The Lobby is where we make our introductions and ask general questions about starting a business online




Want to guest post? Looking for contributors? Pitch to this @channel and get your linkbuilding efforts off the ground.














An upvote-for-upvote pod for <[URL]|>'s community section. Link your submissions and tag @channel to get upvoted!


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