We are a self motivating group of individuals that support each other through the process of javascript learning with an ongoing series of projects/challenges. We believe that the best way to learn and become an expert in something is by doing and we also believe that you truly concrete your knowledge when you can teach others. Our group is based on this simple concept - Learn by doing then teach others.

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Announcements and work-based matters
Announcements and work-based matters


Talking about code!
Having an issue? Searching for help? This is your stackoverflow! Share your problem, and we will help you.


Introduce Yourself :slightly_smiling_face: Job seekers, please use <#C08MJ5H26|jobs> channel!
Hey Stranger! Introduce yourself to the group. Speak about your intentions, future plans, and what brought you here. We would be very happy to hear from you. This is invite only community, so feel free to invite your friends! Thanks!


Channel for Job postings - just find your perfect job!


Channel for random talk :)
Channel for random talk :simple_smile:


Everything related React Library. <[URL]>
:wave: Explore React: Your go-to spot for all things React! Engage with fellow developers, discuss React.js and React Native, share tips, and stay updated on the latest trends and tools in the React ecosystem. Let's master React together! :rocket:


Anything related Angular Framework <[URL]>
Learn together with other beginners, ask for learning resources, recommend study-guides/material, or check our study-guide [URL]


Have an idea? Start your own JavaScript project now! Search for participants and collaborators.
Project 2 is about making a real world viral webapp. So far, the project is : a google map that shows who has helped who. The "helping" events are captured from twitter. More info [URL]


Discuss everything Backend


Everything related Vue.js framework. <[URL]>
:tada: Navigate the Vue.js universe with us! Connect with developers, chat about Vue.js and its ecosystem, exchange valuable insights, and keep pace with the freshest trends and tools. Embark on a journey of mastering Vue.js collectively! :star2:


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