Every generation is unique and special, but not like the Millennials who grew up enjoying both the analog and digital worlds. No other generation will grow up during such dynamic societal transitions. Our world is changing so rapidly before our eyes, and we are enjoying every bit of it. However, such changes aren't always good for us. Let's get to know more about ourselves.

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Company-wide announcements and work-based matters
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


We just love to read so much. Reading is one thing that doesn't change, but what we read maybe a lot different from our previous generations. Let's hear what you read!


If you're looking to hire, or be hired, then this is the place.


Do you want to confess something, but feels like no one will listen? Well, let it out here. We hear you.


To some of you, the word "culture" may sound old. But, it's still the best word to sum up a community. So, what is our culture?


Life is made up of experiences. I am not just talking about work experiences and only good experiences here. Let's talk about our experiences that changed our course of life.


Our view of leadership is certainly different. We no longer value hierarchical leadership structure. Let's hear about your leadership values.


We all love our parents, but we just can't stand them sometimes. What do you got?


With rise of the Internet, the millennials started to dominate the global business world. We are proud to see so many innovative ideas come to life. Let's share our business ideas and how we can improve from our current technologies.


We are the next upcoming consumer powerhouse. What did you buy today?


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