NAFT is an international professional fashion designers and fashion insiders community, where we share our current informations on current trendbooks and our sourcing tradeshows travel experiences by sharing textiles and manufacturing suppliers research. Here we are also joining into partnerships to reduce our collections exhibition tradeshows booth fees by sharing the space, same goes for pop-up shops. We discuss manufacturing processes and sales processes optimisations. We get advice and critic from each other with extensive consulting sessions which otherwise would be much costlier if hiring a professional for a day! Professional benefits of our association are endless!

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Community-wide announcements
This channel is for Community-wide public communication and announcements.


NAFT-ers self-introductions
Here NAFT-ers introduce themselves, talk about their professional experience and bio, so we know each other and connect.


All things internet and ecommerce
Ultimate goal is successfully selling online and finding the right customer. All things internet and ecommerce post here. Infos on bloggers, affiliate links, and all other online experiences.


Fashion Weeks discussion
There are few major fashion weeks that identify trends, New York, Paris, London, Milan and recently perhaps Copenhagen too, this channel is to post favourite current runway looks to spot the trends as they happen


Sales related channel
How to sell, how to grow sales, how to grow the business, sales is king, tips and tricks on all things sales


Ask Me Anything
This channel is focused on weekly Q&A sessions and general topic conferences where we exchange general infos. If you have wide range of questions to the NAFT community, post them here


Feedback thread for comments on NAFT community
If you have any suggestions on how to improve NAFT community please address such comments here, our goal is to grow our network and make this community a useful tool in our creative industry


All things fun and random
For jokes, fun and coffee breaks, feel free to post fashion related or unrelated casual fun topics, a general conversation thread for not taking our hectic fast paced multi billion dollar industry too seriously


Human Resources Network
Post jobs here if hiring or looking for a job, every single job that might be in any way relevant to fashion industry is welcome, also HR concerns and questions can be addressed in here


All things Fashion News
When reading any current daily fashion news in the morning or during the day, feel free to share news and article links with community, we want to be up to date with all what is happening in the market today, and foresee tomorrow


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