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Geniuses, Please introduce yourselves


AMA/Q&A channel - only to be used for scheduled events! <[URL]>
This is for scheduled guest AMA's only - not for general questions!


<[URL]> get your job posted on our social, in our newsletter and pushed in this channel. Those looking for a job should post in #for_hire. Paying gigs/jobs ONLY, no cofounder search, volunteer roles, or unpaid internships
If you are hiring at all then post it here. Freelancers can post about wanting work in <#C8XTRQFMJ|hire_me>. If you're interested in a job, send a DM to the poster so we can keep the channel clean. POST HERE ---> <[URL]>


Not sure where to start SEO? Read this -> <[URL]>


Have a product or service? Push to the OG community for $599/Year <[URL]>
Feel free to pitch and plug what you please.


Social Media strategy/marketing/content conversations.


Share where you're located and join your local channels!
Say where you're from... Meet others in-person.


For conversations on Conversion Rate Optimization.
Every Thursday is #cro Teardowns at 2 p.m. EST. @michaelbuckbee will ping the channel that day asking for submissions. DM the website you want to have reviewed *on Thursday* after the announcement in #cro :fire: :pitchfork:




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