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All the things PostgreSQL!


PostgreSQL related job ads go here. Please include location and/or if remote work is ok.
A recruiter free zone. Post your PostgreSQL related job ads here. Best to include location and/or if remote is ok. Paid gigs only (as in money), pitches/ideas/volunteer opportunities belong elsewhere.


Twitter feed for <@UG3AUPHQB> mentions.
You can report tweets to twitter for abusive behavior, i.e. behavior that impacts everyone on twitter, e.g. spamming, e.g. irrelevant replies.


Welcome to the Postgres Slack Community! Please introduce yourself, ideally including where you are from and how you use Postgres. Bonus points for including fun facts and setting your profile pic! Have questions? Try <#C0FS3UTAP|general> :wave:
Welcome to the Postgres slack team. It is lovely to have you here. Please take a moment to introduce yourself so that future Slackers can see what you are about. Please take a moment to fill out your profile, as well.


Non-work banter and water cooler conversation
A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


Discussion about Patroni, a template for PostgreSQL High Availability with Etcd, Consul, ZooKeeper, or Kubernetes
Development and User Support channel for Patroni high-availability system. <[URL]>


A place to ask questions for those uncomfortable with asking questions in <#C0FS3UTAP|general>.


Data modeling and schema design for Postgresql


Discussion around the community postgres kubernetes operator originally developed by Zalando. Contribute on Github at <[URL]>.


A place for DBAs to ask questions when the DBA doesn’t want to ask in <#C0FS3UTAP|general>
Help DBAs to make their job easier


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