Producter is a product-led growth tool connecting product people worldwide by creating an open environment to meet and greet other experts. The Producter community is not only for product managers or product owners. It's an inclusive community for people putting the product at heart.

What Producter can offer:
The Producter community shares quality content on startups, product management, productivity, and many others. Community members find an opportunity to ask their questions, exchange ideas, and share their experiences. It's a community of people of diverse backgrounds, so any community member can learn from others' perspectives by obtaining feedback or asking useful product-specific questions.

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Share, ask, contribute. Anything you’re curious or passionate about :zap:️
This is the one channel that will always include everyone. It’s a great spot for announcements and team-wide conversations.


Non-work banter and water cooler conversation.
This channel is for... well, everything else. It’s a place for team jokes, spur-of-the-moment ideas, and funny GIFs. Go wild!


Ask anything, share your experience and learn from other Producters around the world :speech_balloon:
This *channel* is for working on a project. Hold meetings, share docs, and make decisions together with your team.


Tell us a bit about yourself, what you are working on, what excites you the most so everyone can get to know you :coffee:️


Ask your questions related to <[URL]|> :rocket:
We can talk about our feedback module :green_heart:


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