Too much meetings and email overload to get things done? Missing the time when you were able to focus and just do the work? We were there too! Now, you can be 10x more productive at work and in your life! Join us now!

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myPoli - Time management for Superheroes <[URL]>
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


myPoli - Time management for Superheroes <[URL]>
A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


myPoli - Time management for Superheroes <[URL]>
Useful tips and tricks to stay productive


Akiflow - Tasks + Calendars productivity app <[URL]|>
What apps and other tools you use to improve your productivity?


Discussion of productivity using omnifocus


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