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Introduce yourself, meet new folks, and ask questions! No ads here - use <#C084MTKEW|productfeedback> to share your product, <#C0EFXRDUK|writing> for your articles, and <#C12DXFUSV|events> for your events. Type `pmhq map` to find folks around you!
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


Ask Me Anything: Featuring product guests where you can ask them anything you’d like. | Past AMA's: <[URL]>
We’ll be featuring special guests periodically for ‘Ask Me Anything’ where you can ask them any question you’d like.t


Post PM resources/tools here! Also, find more tools at <[URL]>
Post helpful resources / tools for PMs here!


Post PM job opportunities here: <[URL]> Original compensation sheet: <[URL]>
Post PM job opportunities here!


Ask for PM interview/recruiting advice here! Go to <#C11B3JSSY|pminterviewsessions> for Mock Interviews. Study guide: <[URL]> PMHQ articles: <[URL]>
For anyone going through PM recruiting/interviewing, ask for advice from the community here!


For people to ask for feedback on their own / company's products
Ask for feedback on products here


Discuss any UX related topics here!


To get feedback on your writing / articles / blog posts
To share blog posts, get feedback on drafts, become better communicators as PMs


Welcome to the exciting field of Product Management! Ask questions and network here :smiley:
New PMs Chat / Ask Questions Here!


M.I.T = Most Important Task. Post your day’s to-do’s to hold yourself accountable and learn what other PMs do daily!
To see what PMs are working on every day


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