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Feedback and suggestions for this FAQ are welcome in #mod_feedback, FAQ copy - <[URL]>
Discussion related to bitcoin, blockchain, finance, trading etc. Also anything Bitcoin-related that doesn't fit in the other channels. Advertising sales/trades is not allowed.


Topic: *Discussion about the bitcoin price, trading, TA, charts and relevant news.* Anything Bitcoin goes here, but please consider using threads for related posts. where is everyone?
Discussion related to the Boomercoin price, trading, TA, charts etc.. We encourage you to group discussions by using the 'Start a thread' option.


General discussion related to bitcoin. See #FAQ regarding the other available channels.
Provide general information about (FAQ, channel list, admins etc.).


Topic: *Discussion about ALTcoin price, trading, TA and charts.* While not obligated; please consider tipping people who help you in any way (teaching, making a profit etc.).
Discussion related to all possible subjects (price, mining, trading, technical analysis etc.) regarding non-bitcoin cryptocurrency...


Minimally moderated off-topic discussions. Other channels: <#C4H785T3N|altcoins> <#C5SPAUAFR|ico> <#C4G4A7N8N|mining>
Anything that doesn't fit in any of the other channels. Other channels: <#C4H785T3N|altcoins> #mining


Discussion related to all possible subjects regarding DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
Discussion related to DeFi (Decentralized Finance). IMPORTANT: DeFi is to be considered very high risk. Pump and dump schemes are very prevalent, so doing proper research is vital.


r/WallStreetBets, but dumber “Shorting TSLA for dumbies”
For Economics, Commodities, Bonds, Stocks and Fiat Currencies


News related to cryptocurrencies and related topics.
For the sharing and discussion of news related to cryptocurrency


Suggestions regarding Slack tools, collaboration for software development, algorithmic trading/technical/API related questions.
Provide suggestions to add/remove/change the slack tools, bots and integrations used by the group. Collaboration for software development, algorithmic trading/technical/API related questions.


Discussions about any areas of crypto education from intro/101 & development; including tips, seminars, webinar links and events. WIKI HERE: <[URL]> Channel moderator: <@U8ES5V7A5>
To spread education about cryptocurrency and it’s underlying tech to all … Fully blockchain agnostic: open to any algorithm, any decentralized tech, any platform.


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