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Announcements for the entire RfH community
This is where community moderators and admins will announce important, community related messages.


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This channel is for team-wide communication and discussions. All team members are in this channel.


Company values, team habits: talk about life in your organization!
How do you create an authentic, productive, and happy company culture?


Discuss how you measure and increase employee engagement


Discuss and share diversity & inclusion efforts in your team or larger org!
Share how you’re working to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace


Discuss software and technology options that can help your orgs run more successfully.
Discover the latest trends in HR technology


Share how your org is helping employees grow with training, courses, etc.
Investing back into the development of your people? Discuss how you approach L&D here!


Any and all conversations about performance management in your team or organization belong in this channel.
Discuss how you can keep your employees happy and productive


Recruiting 101 and all the troubleshooting needed to go with it.
Talk about how you can find and attract the right people


A channel to talk $$$ (W2s, salaries, severance, and more)
Discuss best practices around how to reward your employees


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