Our Slack is for nonprofit and social impact leaders working as consultants or in-house.

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Industry and Community Specific Updates from Right + Good.
Where Right + Good shares what’s going on in the world of mission-driven, slow, purposeful marketing.


Welcome to the network! Introduce yourself and collaborate. Let us know who you are, what you do and how you'd like to learn and share.


A place to post jobs, opportunities and offers.


Have a great link, template, show or resource that would be handy for our community? Share that here!


Looking for a review? Opinion? Volunteer? Promo? Pop them here!


got a question? let's find an answer.


Join this channel to be added to recurring coffee dates with someone new.


We’re creating an accountability group for Q4 of 2023. Log in each Monday to let us know what you’re working on for the week! We promise we’ll follow up with you to check in and see what progress you’ve made.
This channel is to share your accountability progress for Q4 2023.


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