Diversity is fundamental to reducing technology-embedded bias and facilitates on-the-ground connections with deep insight into the community experience. We believe technology works best when it identifies the patterns of the people it interacts with—their preferences, behavioral tendencies, and cultural backgrounds and adapts to meet their needs.

Our mission is to build an inclusive, innovative ecosystem where diverse teams with firsthand community knowledge lead, shape, and fund a more equitable healthcare future for all. We are committed to partnering with organizations and social capital networks to provide connections, training, and mentorships for developing entrepreneurs to overcome digital exclusion, disproportionate funding, and lack of diversity in entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to uplift Latinos and other underrepresented communities and assist healthcare startups in placing digital health equity at the center of their business models to ensure innovation meets the needs of underserved and marginalized groups. Latinx / Latino / Latina / Hispanic / Tech / Code / Coding / Minority / BIPOC / Black Brown Unity

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