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Hello, and welcome to general chat - please put your kid details (number/ages) on your profile! `!rules` for our list of rules.
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Noticed that you're only in <#C0KAS6WGK|hello> and here? We periodically prune inactive members to try to keep ourselves safe from identity-stealing bots and other miscreants. Feel free to rejoin the conversation!
The void, where users who appear inactive are moved by an automated script. If you are here by mistake, feel free to leave and re-join channels which interest you (and set a 'what I do' value in your profile!)


~Tech for Dads & Families~ Watch <@U02AQAJQ5GF> set up GitHub Actions. Now in *3D*!
Tech for Dads & Families


Jokes that are so bad they are good
Jokes that are so bad they are good


Mostly having a whine and sympathising with all the shit folks have to put up with. If you feel bad about interrupting Big Complaints with your petty nonsense, see <#C020QU8PETU|dadgripes>.
Bitch and moan about what's going on. Try not to fix other people's problems--that's for #dadadvice.


Movies and TV


Mostly about couches
Dads to Dads advice


Tell other Dads what you do for a living and general work chat
Tell other Dads what you do for a living and general work chat


Product Recommendations by Dads * If you are a new member to this group, refrain from shilling your own stuff unless it's relevant to a conversation.
Product recommendations by Dads (please let everyone know if you are affiliated with the product)


Dads who play games, kids who play games, not mini crossword challenge (that's <#CQ99KSMAQ|dadcrosswords>)
Dads who play games, with the understanding that you have to go AFK sometimes.


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