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<#C1LTZ0DKP|welcome> to SQL Community Slack! You can click on the "Channels" to browse all the public channels. This channel is for announcements by moderators.


Another way to ask for help besides Twitter.
Another way to ask for help besides Twitter....


Welcome to <#C1LTZ0DKP|welcome>! Offtopic & ontopic discussion and banter, with a database patina.
A welcoming general place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


[Latest: 1.0.53] Discussion on dbatools module. Docs: <[URL]> Submit Issues: <[URL]> Livestream: <[URL]>
to discuss features and bugs in dbatools - dbatools.io


MSFT Docs SqlServer Module: <[URL]> | YouTube Channel for PASS PowerShell VC: <[URL]>
This is a channel for discussion/help with PowerShell with SQL Server. **Note this channel is linked to the sqlserver channel on <[URL]|powershell.slack.com> as well.**


For attendee chat during Brent Ozar Unlimited training classes
Q&A and attendee chat for live training classes.


Abnormal Psychology
Developing sp_Blitz and friends at [URL]


A channel about the <[URL]|GroupBy.org> conference. Ask questions about the submission/voting process, or comment on the on-going conference as it happens! Invite/registration: <[URL]>
GroupBy.org - discuss session submissions, site work


For discussion of Azure :azure:. Also consider some other Azure slacks: <[URL]> <[URL]>
Azure data platform area


Job posting and job market discussion. PLEASE NOTE the percentage of REMOTE work allowed in job postings.
Post links to SQL server related job postings


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