We are all SUPER WORKERS! We all work for something, or we wouldn't work this hard. Some of us work happily, but most of us are barely getting through each day. SUPER WORKERS is the community of the workers, for the workers and by the workers. Come on in. Let's let it all out here! It's time to heal ourselves.

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Company-wide announcements and work-based matters
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


Non-work banter and water cooler conversation
Any random thoughts, visions, ideas, music, words and/or discoveries? Share them here


Busy bees like us don't have time for studying, but we can spare a minute. Share your strategy, marketing, communication, negotiation, management, operation and any skill and/or knowledge you know in 1 minute.


Channel for any comment and feedback you may have.


Write, read, film, chop and make! About your special hobbies.


It all comes down to smart, clever, and current entrepreneurial events, IT trends, startup ideas, economic conditions, and VC market conditions today!


Here are the useful knowledge, information and inspirations that spur your growths.




We all save up some in one way or another, but only few actually multiply their savings. Let's hear from the few!


At work, we are here to survive every single day. Let's talk about how we took a firm stand today!


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