Join the members of the London tech & startup scene, including Accelerators (Techstars, 500 startups, Seedcamp, Mass Challenge), Coworking spaces (Wework, Rainmaking Loft, Tech Hub) and people from all across the startup community (Gocardless, Skimlinks, Moo, Stripe, Tesla, Bebo, Spotify, General Assembly, 3beards)... the list goes on!!

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Before posting, consider "Does this fit into any of the other 26 channels?" IF it does, post there.
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


Where members can introduce themselves to the group, what you can offer and anything we can help you with
Where members can introduce themselves to the group, what you can offer and anything we can help you with


This channel to to solicit specific feedback "Let me know what you think of this blog post" does not fit here - please use #interesting-media


for todays events, check out <[URL]> / Want to see more AMAs? DM an admin or post in meta
Post events in the tech community


This channel is used when we run TechLondon AskMeAnything. Want us to secure someone for our next outing? Request here or DM an admin
Marketing AMA 28th June 16:00 with MassChallenge UK staff and startups AKA "The world's most startup-friendly accelerator!"


Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring, either full time or freelance. See [URL] for a list of all job boards in London
Looking for a job or hiring? If you post a job offer, expect direct replies and whether you are still looking for the right candidate or not - it's polite to let him/her know.


Please share the links to interesting articles, blogs etc. A brief intro is great but let's keep it simple - take discussions else where and keep this channel uncluttered :)


Only tech discussions
Only tech discussions


This channel is for marketers or those with marketing queries
only marketing discussions


Channel shared with teamsketch via [URL]
Discussions and Feedbacks about design-related topics (sketches, wireframes, mockups, ux, ui, product, mobile, etc...)


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