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Looking for Crowdsourced testers?
As a co-founder of Astaqc Consulting which is a team of specialized test professionals, I know how hard it is for people to find the right community and resources to grow. While our motive is to provide the best of services to our clients, we also know the importance of finding the best resource and nurturing them. As a part of this, we are trying to bridge the gap between the people struggling to learn and find the right opportunities and the people looking for the right candidates. I am inviting all the fresh and experienced testing professionals to join this slack community which is already growing and has a lot of internships and freelance opportunity apart from job openings.
This is for all the budding, soon to be, or just starting Entrepreneurs:
this is a community where you get a huge pool of software testers, you just need to join and post your requirements:

well as soon as the businesses decide to come online or develop an app, they realise it's not the happy ending their, its a whole new and difficult journey which is focused on making sure your end-users do not ever have to face an issue else you’re pretty much going to lose the business, thus Software Testing has become mandatory for any businesses coming online,
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BUT, do we all have the expertise or resources, no right?

Well, that’s true but there is a community of a rapidly growing number of testers who can jump on to your application and give you much-needed feedback.

Please make sure you do not abuse.

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