This is a channel to help junior UX designers across the world find a job!

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For all things design, life, business, networking. Please refer to our community guidelines if you're unsure on posting something - <[URL]> :rocket:
This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


If you find some incredible work out there that’s leading the way in design (with a UX or UI slant), please post it here.


Have a challenge you’re coming up against? Ask away. This is AMA on design and life.


For all things JOBS. Please follow these guidelines when posting a job: <[URL]>. This channel isn't for people looking for work, that is in a separate channel called <#C013WTZ8XU4|job-searching>


All things research. Please do not post surveys in here :boom:


Introduce yourself! Share what you do, your interests, how you heard about Fearless, and what you're looking to get out of the community
Introduce yourself to the community and make some great connections.


A space to discuss the importance of UX mentoring, who’s looking for a mentor, who wants to be a mentor and in general gauge how big the interest will be in getting a UX mentor.
To discuss the importance of UX mentoring, people looking for mentoring before we launch the official Candles mentoring platform.


If you have questions on design tools and methodologies throw it in there! If you see cool tools share with the group :heart_eyes:
To share great UX Resources, links etc.


Please post cool events in here :tada:
All things events related


New events, weekly updates, new content etc to be posted here :rocket:
Showcase your own UX projects


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