Our purpose is to engage Ohioans who work remote, connect remote workers with other local resources and enhance the remote workforce within the great state of Ohio.

Members have access to a local network and resources to improve their professional and personal lives.

Created in Ohio, by an Ohioan, for Ohioans to better Ohio.

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This is the one channel that will always include everyone. It’s a great spot for announcements and team-wide conversations.


Are you really a member of The Ohio Annex if you don’t introduce yourself to everyone? :wave::smile:


A chance for members to connect randomly through virtual 1:1s


Random things you want to talk about. It could be something exciting that happened at work, an event that is happening in your town, or simply an off topic question. You can put it right here.


Recruiters - finding the best candidate for a remote role just got so much easier. Post remote opportunities to connect with local talent. *note this channel is for remote opportunities only, please avoid posting hybrid/on-location roles.*


Home office suggestions, tips on how to balance life and work, and anything related to working remote calls this channel home.


A channel dedicated to the gogetters, the side hustlers, the product innovators, and the problem solvers. A great place for entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas, and support eachother.


Connect with local freelancers by posting your projects in here. Before you know it freelancers who are interested can connect with you and you can get the ball rolling.


Freelancers - eager to get your name out there and offer your services to those around you? Post what services you offer and your website in here to connect with those looking to support local talent.


A spot to put a new giph you found or collect your own to use for work. Since this is a war - this channel is dedicated to communication using giphs only. That’s right. No words, all giphs. To auto generate giphs type: /giphy word


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