We are United Designers, a not for profit global community of designers and developers who share a passion for creating. We have a mix of channels geared towards serious design discussion and professional help as well as channels for day-to-day chatting and inspiration.

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This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.


When you have a designer, everything is a badly thought through medium article, just waiting to happen.
Where we talk about design. No really.


Shit you like


Feedback and roasts, related discussion only


Ask away!
Share techniques that you discover.


All hail our new reptilian overlords. APP OF THE CENTURY: <[URL]>
Discussion of everything new, related to software and applications for productivity work.


There are totally folks on this Slack looking to hire engineers and designers.
Post jobs you find or messages recruiters send you.


Feel free to introduce yourself - your background, country of residence and eye color.
Introduce yourself


uNiTeD DeSiGnErS: get ur bedframe recommendations here


Rule 1: never show something you dont like, it will be chosen. Rule 2: “‘But Mike, my boss won’t let me!!!’ — Your boss is a _choice._”
This channel needs no further explanation


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