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gifs, in-jokes and misc lols
A friendly and useful place for Brighton’s UX community to chat about stuff. To start with that means #industry and #ask rooms, and we may add more as we go.


Ask for input on the stuff you’re working on - design critiques, process stuff, etc
Get input on stuff you’re working on, request design critiques etc. This is not a Slack support channel :)


Share interesting articles, frameworks, slide decks, tools, etc…


Next UX Brighton event: UX Bri Christmas party, Tuesday 13th December 2022, 7 pm @ The Earth & Stars. Tickets available at <[URL]> :christmas_tree:
Next Event: 4th November, Corn Exchange [URL]


*Channel rules*: *Don’t* advertise products in this channel (use <#CLPFP5WLX|ads> for that) (OK to link to your work/portfolio/CV etc though).
Welcome to UX Brighton :wave: Why not tell us a bit about yourself?


*Job ad rules*: <#C130W3EJH|introduce> yourself before posting jobs. Only post jobs which might interest to local people. No ads for services (use the <#CLPFP5WLX|ads> channel for that). Don’t DM people you don’t know.
Find and advertise UX jobs.


Friday 3rd Nov 2023, Brighton Dome :admission_tickets: <[URL]> Super early bird tickets available
Chat about UX Brighton 2018: Advancing Research


Looking for help with your portfolio or case study?Want to show off a great example you found? Have tips and advice to share?


Next UX Brighton mentorship event: Informal mentorship chat, Tuesday 13th September 2022, 7 pm, Upper Deck @ Lord Nelson Inn
A starting place for junior UX'rs to find a local mentor who can offer an outside perspective and be a sounding board for ideas. _Please note that mentors are not there to offer technical business advice, financial advice or counselling._


To share ideas and learn about Service design. We're starting up Brighton Service Design Breakfasts, please come!


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