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This channel is for general discussion about news and trends within the tech space. :slightly_smiling_face:
This channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel.


In this channel, we publish the latest Venturi's Voice blogs. And encourage open discussion on the articles.


Welcome! - please introduce yourself and share your interests.
Where members can introduce themselves, outline their areas of interest, and list anything we can help with.


In this channel, we post the latest Venturi's Voice podcast episodes.


A place to post, share, and stay up to date with the latest tech jobs. :computer:


Once a month we have a special guest, typically from leadership in tech position join the community giving you the opportunity to Ask them Anything.


Skills and techniques to help you become a better leader at work.


Ask a question to the community and get help with something you're looking for.
Space for the community to seek assistance on something they're looking for.


Post anything you find in the news you think our channel will find interesting
A place for the community to share anything interesting they might stumble across


This channel is for our members to post their job vacancies
If you need support hiring. Let us know in this channel


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