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This is a great place to introduce *yourself*, who you are and how *you* fit into the tech space in South Africa. We would love to hear about you as an _individual_. This is *NOT* an intro for your company, product or to hire! :thumbsup:
introduce new members and get to know them better!


17 :partyparrot: <[URL]> || <[URL]> It’s been [0] days since there has been an argument about IDEs outside <#C09AT93HT|developers>.
A place for non-work banter, links, articles of interest, humor or anything else which you'd like concentrated in some place other than work-related channels.


Use the "Post a Job" channel action for submissions. Strictly on topic, chat in <#C04G25KJW|jobpostings-discuss> | NO professional recruiting | No Agency Responses| Post freelance, part-time, or contract jobs in <#CA6AG7TKL|freelance-jobpostings>
Job posting. Discussions in <#C04G25KJW|jobpostings-discuss> please. Job seekers can check out <#C25SWLVF1|jobseekers>


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Discussion about jobs / job postings and surroundings. | Salary straw poll because it comes up all the time - <[URL]> Also see <#C7P8TRMH6|salary-survey>
Discussion about jobs / job postings and surroundings.


Use the *Post a Freelance Job* channel action for submissions. Freelance opportunities (i.e. work looking for people, not people looking for work, use <#CV6V21U5D|freelance-jobseekers> for that)
For freelance and contract job postings


Please post freelance opportunities in <#CA6AG7TKL|freelance-jobpostings> See the bookmarks and pinned messages for great resources!
Discuss freelancing, ask for advice, share tips. Adverts go in <#C1RAZB24S|jobpostings>.


Thinking, talking, starting, growing, saving something new | <#C8CLU15LY|show> to promote your startup/project
Support and advice for The Crazy Ones


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news, discussion and support for all things javascript


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