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SpetraAero is a like-minded people community about Technology, Digitalization & Data Analysis for staleholders of Civil Aviation & Freight Logistics.
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SimpleFW is a new Node.js framework based on Express
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We are friends exploring Slack functions.
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personal channel to join professional communities worldwide
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Welcome to CherryPro. Here we can talk about programming, technologies, school, studying and other random stuff... The main purpose of this channel is to connect people around the world and possibly new friends
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Scriptomato is a web-based platform for businesses to find manual tasks like creating users in the active directory or getting information from servers and solve them with scripts. Scriptomato is unique in it's kind because we support every programming language and a variety of scripts for the same price of one person a year.
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This is my team.
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We provide services, data, and software that help people manage their relationships, data, and resources.
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Real-time collaboration with others involved in the Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce communities.
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The Ecosystem is a supportive and positive home for anyone interest in optimizing human movement, maximizing athletic performance, resolving injuries, accelerating recovery, or any unique combination of those mentioned above. The truth is, the challenges our bodies face are simply too broad or overly complicated to be adequately dealt with by any single movement or fitness practice. The breakthrough innovation required to optimize your body, health, and performance often result from the cross-pollination of various movements and disciplines, where siloed skills and rigid rules make room for physical freedom, allowing us to perform any physical feat at any time. Exploring different disciplines will allow you to explore movements you never would have been exposed to and will broaden your physical skill set.
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Techvengers is a place for all tech lovers. Let's discuss, collaborate and build this awesome community ourselfs.
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Audio Talk is a new way for podcasters to talk amongst each other besides on twitter or facebook
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A place to discuss board games
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Ruby on rails developers
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Slack community for people in brisbane insterested in AI based chatbots
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Devops + Cloud Engineering Team
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Сообщество - которое объединяет специалистов в области безопасности бизнеса и деловых кругов, а также для тех людей кто всерьез задумался стать специалистом, в этой области.
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Enthusiastic social media activist, Interested in Blogging, finding updates on marketing trends, photoshop and even interior design trends.
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WebSummit Slack Community is a community of people interested in attending the WebSummit, asking and answering questions, sharing information and networking before the event.
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Channel where WOT can be talked about, get help, etc..
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Polymaths. A place for expert generalists to discuss anything and everything from tech to body hacking.
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Join the What's Your Vape Slack group to discuss vaping with other vapers just like you.
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List of best tools for your venture
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New to crypto? Or are yo already known in the space? We are here to guide you in the wild west of cryptoland!
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Comunidad de desarrolladores en Colombia
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Come and share your faith in Christ with others while strengthening your own.
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We create video games.
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Full stack web development
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For those who are currently living, or are interested in living the naturist lifestyle.
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Discuss C/C++, Python programming stuff, DevOps, manual and automation testing etc.
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Its a place where strangers becomes friends.
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Cryptocurrency Community based in Phuket
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Dadpreneur looking to expand my horizons within the Slack Community :)
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Worldbit is an augmented reality marketplace application with iOS and android versions available. ERC-20 transactional based token transactions with support of smart contracts for buyers and sellers of real world goods via portals (virtual stores) that can be deployed by users instantly within the smart phone application. Following are the important URLs: WorldBit website: https://WorldBit.com Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nF2OUluS5Zcu1i_WCr2fmyD3ZjjCcsQUTBfmtQk73x8/edit?usp=sharing ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2428134.0 WorldBit ICO Wallet: https://wallet.worldbit.com/ Wallet Manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11HylCeuo3NNOv5M8d-1oh2rcm4DtQs5MEfFa89uOyQo WorldBit ICO Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OIvBO1lMQWKydz8fMjX-TDZyvopS9CeuLjjYHbI3hQs/edit?usp=sharing FAQs: https://worldbit.com/faq/ GitHub: https://github.com/WorldBitDev/Explorer/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldBitICO/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldBitICO
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#Archviz #Interior design
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Tech Team
Ava 0016 132
Newly joined slack for guidance
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Unity AR/VR/XR Development
Ava 0014 132
Cassady Family Group
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This is a one person team. Anybody is welcome to join me.
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Zab Technologies a leading top cryptocurrency development company, deals with end to end cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions with highly secured modules to the global customers. Our Premium Services 1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development 2. ICO Development 3. Wallet Development 4. ERC20 Token Development 5. Smart Contracts Development 6. ALT Coin/NEW Coins Development
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Getting more clients
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