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General discussion. Read our Wiki to learn about Impact Makers <[URL]>. Please complete our survey to help us understand how to get members involved in projects <[URL]>
This channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel.


Who are you? Why do you care? How can you help?
Introduce yourself, why you care about climate change and what skills you have to help.


Share any project ideas you have related to preventing climate change. Browse existing ideas, comment and vote here - <[URL]> or find people with specific skills to collaborate with <[URL]>
Channel for anyone with an idea to share it and get feedback


Discuss problems associated with climate change and taking action against it
A channel for anyone to post a climate change problem they spot that can be discussed and potentially decide to fix it.


Share and discuss climate related resources
Share any climate change or dev related resources


Discuss climate change news and updates.
Discuss climate breakdown news and updates.


Building <[URL]> in the open. Project by <@UJ3KUNSDT> <@UJ6NHR0KG> & <@UHSQQNG9H>. Launched 19th May 2019.
Project idea here: <[URL]>


Offset Earth is a subscription service to help you lower your impact on the climate: <[URL]>
A channel for discussing Offset Earth (<[URL]>), a platform that makes climate action accessible


<[URL]> - Easily compensate for the climate impact of your flights
The easiest way to offset travel emissions


Create a easy sharable list of more pollutant companies in the world, rise awareness and generate pressure to this companies (or alternatives)


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