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The biggest data science slack community with over 3,700 members - chat about anything and everything to do with data & machine learning. Share knowledge, get help, collaborate and more!
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A forum for all levels of research in Artificial Intelligence. Anyone who has interest is welcome to join.
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Data Discourse is Experfy's community of Data Science, IoT, and Big Data experts. Experfy based in the Harvard Innovation Launch Lab, is a data science, analytics and engineering talent marketplace.
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Slack community for Machine Learning
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Coronahub is an online community dedicated to confronting the massive worldwide burden caused by the Coronavirus. The community’s job board connects healthcare workers and volunteers with medical providers, while its Slack chat channel allows for the general public to share Coronavirus news and exchange safety advice.
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We're a community of 650+ tech people who want to help fix the climate. It doesn't matter if you're a designer, developer, marketer, or product manager, all skills are welcome. Join today to help us stop climate breakdown.
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A group of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers in New York City that gather to practice through Kaggle Competitions.
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an online community for all kinds of anthropologists, anthropology students, and anthropology enthusiasts to chat and share stories and interests.
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We are people working in and with Synthetic Biology. This includes everyone from experts, lab automation gurus, research experts and startup founders.
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We are a free online community for any open source, space-based projects. Through many different channels of this community users can grow their ideas with like minded developers, scientists, students, geeks, hackers, techies, and anyone on the forefront of technology breakthroughs.
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BioBreaks connects people, ideas, news, and companies in the biotech industry. As a community we strive to democratize access to biotech information, provide critical in-depth conversations, and promote the ascension of biotech in society.
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A slack group for bio hackers, DIY Bio, bio tech.
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A discussion group on all things transhumanism. We are a community that educations and invests in scientific research and technologies which enhance the human biological condition.
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This is a community was created so that people interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics could be brought together at one place. But of course, we can carry out all kinds of science discussions, even outside Astronomy and Astrophysics if required :)
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Community chat for Libero which is eLife’s open-source platform of services and applications to help publishers do more with everything they publish. Join to discuss using, contributing or trialling if you are a publisher, developer, researcher or just interested to know more.
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This is a community for the discussion of birding-related topics. It's an inclusive, respectful place to network and have fun. It's not affiliated with any organization or cause, and it's not selling anything. Its upkeep is a volunteer labor of love.
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Discuss and share knowledge about quantum physics.
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If you want to easily connect with other Data Scientists in New Zealand and/or help to build, educate, and expand the data community in NZ, please join our slack community
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Cog States is an invite-only slack group of psychologists, researchers and students 👋
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科学教育に関心がある学生,学校教員,学芸員,研究者などを対象にしたワークスペースです。メンバー内で情報交換や議論を行っています。科学教育に関心がある方の参加を歓迎します。 キーワード 数学教育 / 理科教育 / 技術科教育 / 教育工学 / サイエンスコミュニケーション/ STEM
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ICO for First Disruptive Vacation rental platform on blockchain
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Metafact is a fact-checking platform powered by tens of thousands of domain experts, scientists, researchers & engineers answering scientific claims made by people, companies & governments. Join our slack community to share a claim or question you want answered by experts, to stay up to date on the latest facts or to give us feedback on what we can do to help people make better evidence-based decisions in their lives, societies and the world around them.
159864104624 e3e69b8b33969a906b02 132
Alabama Weather Prediction serves to be your one-stop-source for severe weather information you want when you want it.
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Slack community for those who are interested in System Dynamics, tools and modelling methodologies
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FGI manufactures commercial grade LED grow fixtures and distributes scientific measurement instruments from Apogee Instruments.
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We are friends exploring Slack functions.
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If you code in Stata join this Slack room.
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We are an online slack team of communication and knowledge management which focus on data science and machine learning by Apache Spark, Python Scikit-Learn, Scala Breeze, R or any other topics on big data domain.
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Vashikaran Specialist is a term utilized for a tantric and astrologer who has the most profound information in the subject of vashikaran and its related themes. Here you will get thorough learning about the term vashikaran authority, how a vashikaran master can support you, for what purposes you can take help of a vashikaran expert and where you can locate a veritable and result giving vashikaran Expert.
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Are you in search of genuine & Reliable, Love Problem Solution Astrologer for your problem solution. Consult us now for getting any problem solution by Astrological Advice.
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Dr. Hosseini Sianki Rehabilitation Clinic with two branches in the east and west with more than 15 years of experience, experienced staff and modern equipment, is ready to provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychology services. Contact number: 09126117774-09356117774 Website address: www.drhoseinisianaki.com
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Pandit Raman Kumar Ji for vashikaran in India. So, you should know that he is one of the best and famous astrologers not only in India but in the world. He has already helped thousands of people to accomplish their needs with different ways of mantra. Our guruji also considered as many people as their family astrologer even from other countries including Germany, France, Canada, Australia, USA. they are being connected with guruji via Whatsapp chat and call. Our specialist put every client in a same raw of priority as his all clients are treated equally doesn’t matter what they are or who they are. Guruji is a very polite person even known. He believe gentle talk because patience and polite is the key to understand each steps of obstacles of life. As we mentioned already that he is an expert in various methods of astrology and black magic services and solves people problem using different tantra and mantra including voodoo. People who are facing love problems approach him and get 100% satisfactory result. Apart from love vashikaran in India he provides many other types of services. Here know how he helps his clients for different problems: – Solves Love Marriage issues Inter-Cast marriage Issues Carrier in business or job Family issues Financial problems GF/BF relationship issues Vashikaran Issues Black Magic issues When people tired of doing all possible things to resolve their love life problems and get no positive results, then they approach a reliable and expert astrology specialist in India. And Guru Raman Kumar Ji is the best astrologer you can approach for resolving your love life issues. All your problems related to your affair with someone, marriage, business, health, study, career, family and job will be solved or eradicated through astrologer Raman Kumar Ji’s generous-charged services. But, you must know that black magic impresses and controls the target person for some extent and not fully or permanently. However, its effect will be visible and the targeted person will be amenable to the client person. So, get in touch with Astrologer Raman Kumar Ji now to get your love back with 100% successful result. Other Love related issues - Has your boyfriend or husband left you? Do you like someone and want to make him or her your own? Do your family members not agree to your marriage? Do you think there is an impact of black magic on you by someone else? Is Your Husband, wife, or Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend under controlled by someone else? Have you failed to get love? Here we are to solve all kind of issues Call or WhatsApp At :+91-6283 332 531 Contact through call or whatsapp- +91-6283 332 531 Note :- WhatsApp call is eligible for other countries
Love problem solution specialist, Vinod Shastri is the most sought after astrologer in the field of love astrology. He is known for his in depth knowledge and extensive experience in astrology and vashikaran vidya.
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Isn’t it hurts when you love someone with a deep heart and don’t get any love and attention from them? Yes, of course, it hurts. How would you feel if we say that, you can make anyone love you back with all the deep heart as you do? Yes, my dear, you heard it right, it is possible with the help of our vashikaran specialist Anurag Dubey Ji. As we have said earlier that he can make anything possible. He is also a master in this art of making someone love you back. Even he will do an amazing solution that you will get the love of your choice along with this he will assure you that your love will never ever leave you in any situation. The person you love will be yours forever. He/she will surely put all their efforts in making you happy as you do for him/her.
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Vashikaran Vidya is an online portal where you find all kinds of vashikaran healing solutions in form on mantras, prayers and totke to your love, relationship, marriage, job, business and routine life issues.
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The terms "Vashikaran" and "Love" must be used safely and competently. These two terms are serious and complex matters and must be treated with the utmost care and dedication. Therefore, a Vashikaran love specialist should be a highly developed and mature person with practical experience and adequate scholarship. If you are seriously looking for that personality, you have come to the right place. Our specialist is not only known for his magic, he also has a success story under his name.
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Slack group for technology workers in and around Morocco.
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A place to learn about all things geospatial.
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Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker. Unlike most speakers, Thomas works closely with his Board of Visionaries to develop original research studies. This enables him to speak on unusual topics and translate trends into unique business opportunities.
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Whether you're a psychedelic researcher, therapist, experienced psychonaut or just curious about these fascinating compounds and the experiences they create, we welcome you. Chatrooms include #psilocybin (magic mushrooms), #LSD, #DMT, #retreats, #ayuahsca, #MDMA, #advocacy, #marijuana, #support and many more.
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a place for anyone to discuss applied ethnography.
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a global community of startup data scientists, data warehousers, and BI types. We currently have 90 members from all over the world.
2569 teams are listed on Slofile now.