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A community of outdoor enthusiasts. 🌲
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This is the Madison Community Slack Team. A variety of people are here, but a large percentage of them work in tech in the Madison, Wisconsin area.
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A Slack community for anyone who lives or works in San Francisco Bay Area
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Bored during quarantine? Come hang out with us virtually in our #social channel! Part of an old hotel in Pasadena that first opened in 1899, the Castle Green is now a residence filled with eccentric people. Before COVID-19, the Castle was alive with social gatherings. On weekends, it served as a wedding venue. Sometimes, it was used as a film set. Nowadays, it is dead quiet. But beware! Like many online forums, our Slack workspace became a source of anger and bitterness amongst warring factions within the building. And like the Castle itself, the workspace is haunted by ghosts of the distant past.
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미주 한인들의 모임입니다
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A Slack forum for local Chinese living/working in Kitchener-Waterloo region.
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Take what you need: Gentle Meditation, Self Care & Mindfulness, Self-Love, Healing.
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Connect with local moms to discuss issues we have in common. Covid-19 had pushed us apart through social distancing, but we can still get to know each other and share our questions, experience, fears and hopes in motherhood during this pandemic. Zoom meeting MW @ 4pm, TTh @ 10am.
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