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Street Workout Chat for workouters all around the world.
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Nordic Sports Tech is an online community that focuses on on connecting Sports Tech companies in the Nordic region and building a bridge across borders. We come together to inspire and help one another, to share ideas and solve problems.
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We're a passionate group of Martial Artists, black belts, white belts, no belts, Everyone is invited to join!
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Work in #SportsBiz? We use Slack at Sports Geek and thought it would be great to open up a #SportsBiz Slack to the wider sports business community to help them share and collaborate.
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Welcome to the Climbing Slack community! This is a place to discuss all things climbing and mountaineering related. With channels for #bouldering, #sport, #alpine, #uk, #usa and more there's loads to get stuck in to.
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Gamers anonymous is a sports and gaming community focused primarily on competitive and co-operative games and sports discussion. The community centers around online franchises, primarily Madden on PS4, but also includes players of NBA2K, Destiny, Injustice and other competitive games. Join today and link up with like minded players
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Motorsport Talk is THE place to keep up to date and discuss ALL of your favourite motorsport championships and series in ONE place.
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Too Old For This... is a podcast & community for folks who like to balance their family life & grown up responsibilities with their geeky interests. On the show, we cover topics like good movies, better rock, occasional comics, more video games than we'd care to admit to, and some serious brews.
Ava 0008 132
STARS is a sports franchise-backed token on the Ethereum blockchain that will be issued by Stars Group, an ownership conglomerate of professional football clubs. STARS is the fundamental currency supporting transactions of professional sports clubs for merchandise sales, ticket sales, live-stream broadcasting and inner-group player transfers. Stars Group aims to utilize STARS token to disrupt the sports industry. The fluidity of a single currency, full transparency of the ledger and the decentralized nature of a token based on the Ethereum blockchain provides our global stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in the exponential growth of the sports industry.
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Casual ultimate frisbee pickup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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A fun, inclusive community for hockey fans from all over the world.
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Get fit using many different modalities regardless of age.
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Introducing the online fishing community where anglers are able to share best practices, tips and hotspots. Find your honey hole here!
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A space for all things golf related, whether it be for golf course management or discussing your next trip away with your playing partners.
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Stumped: your one stop destination for all the latest live scores and cricket news. Stand a chance to win daily in fantasy cricket.
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ux designer
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From This Seat is a review site that allows sports fans to read or write seating reviews for stadiums and arenas of the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA. From This Seat's primary goal is to make fans more educate about the seats they're purchasing. Fans also have the ability to see the view of the field from their seats, find hotels near the stadium, purchase parking and tickets before the game and much more. From This Seat was founded in 2010 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.
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FF Water Cooler is a community of Fantasy Football players sharing knowledge, advice, insight, and more with our fellow Fantasy enthusiasts. Join us if you're looking to shoot the breeze with other players across the country.
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Starters is a community of sports technology founders and doers - together, pushing sports to new levels through technology and innovation.
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This application was the first product released in June 2019 by BetBubbles and has proved to be very popular in helping punters track their bets. You tell BetAssist how much money you want to game with and the application will suggest a carefully calculated stake for an event based on the odds you supply and your attitude to risk, whilst trying to recoup any previous losses.
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Get fantasy football news and analysis from Rotoworld, CBS, FFToday, 4For4, and USA Today pushed straight into Slack. Chat with other fantasy footballers to gain insights about who to sit, start, trade, and more.
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