The dev community for France, promoting events, idea sharing and opportunities!
Salt Lake Home Schoolers
Abelton Live user group
Anything and everything having to do with cooking.
Slack community for those who are interested in System Dynamics, tools and modelling methodologies
Please join.
The Slack community for aspiring entrepreneurs to help accelerate their ideas and connect with industry professionals.
Slack pre programátor zo Slovenska a Česka. Pre začiatočníkov,pokročilých ale aj nadšencov. Pridaj sa do našej komunity
Open resources to take your English to a professional level, ask vocabulary or grammar doubts, and share ideas, materials and articles.
A private community for thriving designers and beginners that want to learn web design with WordPress and Elementor. is a Slack Community for sales professionals to connect with recruiters or hiring managers while learning best practices to apply towards their existing position or their next gig.
learn Mandarin,learn Chinese on line. join link:
Our channel is mostly about hosting. If you are a beginner with WordPress or just want to know more about how to run your own VPS, this channel is the place to be!
The Digital Humanities Slack is a set of informal, connected chat rooms for the digital humanities, with over 50 "channels" (chat rooms) devoted to specific topics such as DH teaching, coding, and conferences. Come join us! Absolutely no DH background is required. Before signing up, do read the section immediately outlining our community-authored code of conduct.
Slack chat for learning Swedish language.
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