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Chat easily with teachers around the world. Join our channels for projects, groups and topics around the teacher world.
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CollabHub is a Slack community that helps startups and early-stage businesses find team members, partners, and collaborators. If you're looking for a specialist for your startup, post here. If you're an expert who wants to join a startup, post here.
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Engage with invited photographers from around the world to discuss photography
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Lorona Mead, PLC is Arizona's leading full-service law firm where Experienced, Results Driven and Committed to Excellence Attorneys have a proven track record of positive outcomes for their clients, and they won't rest until justice is served. At Lorona Mead, PLC as an experienced Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix Jess A. Lorona handles all of his cases with skill and a common sense fee structure.
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Whether you're a psychedelic researcher, therapist, experienced psychonaut or just curious about these fascinating compounds and the experiences they create, we welcome you. Chatrooms include #psilocybin (magic mushrooms), #LSD, #DMT, #retreats, #ayuahsca, #MDMA, #advocacy, #marijuana, #support and many more.
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Welcome to the Marketplace Academy! The community where founders, entrepreneurs and fans of marketplaces learn, teach and get together.
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Barn lights made in America. Our modern farmhouse lights are made to last. Use our ceiling mounted or gooseneck lights outdoor or indoor.
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A community for Sketch designers powered by Slack
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Starters is a community of sports technology founders and doers - together, pushing sports to new levels through technology and innovation.
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Design, illustration and animation comunity where artists could come together and share experiences, resources, tips, help and receive feedback. All with the help of Slack,
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We're a free, open-sourced community of code learners who help each other on Slack, schedule hangouts to group-learn at codebuddies.org, and crowdsource a newsletter to share shout-outs and accomplishments.
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Space Engineering and leadership
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Decentralized marketplace for instantly trading goods and services with anyone using Bitcoin.
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More than 650 members from all around the globe are talking and sharing experiences in the Pinegrow community on #slack!
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New to Portland? Thinking about moving to Portland? Simply pdx curious? Feel free to join the Slack instance that helps the Portland startup community stay connected.
Coppell Roofing Pro has forayed into various types of roofing installation services to cater to all kinds of establishments in the region. As one of the region' oldest roofing contractors coppell tx, we have been delivering high quality roof repair and replacement services as well. So, if you want to change the look and feel of your roof or give it an overhaul, give us a call and our team of highly skilled professionals will fulfill your requirements in no time.
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At the Jardine Law Offices, the criminal defense team are ready to take your case and will get to work immediately in your defense. Salt Lake City DUI attorney Joseph Jardine wants to minimize your exposure to prosecution. He will investigate every charge that is brought against you and work to either get them thrown out altogether or reduced to lesser charges. If you were driving under the influence, that does not mean you have no options, Jardine Law Offices is always behind you for help in proving your innocence. Filing a car accident claim can sometimes get complicated. In many instances, insurance companies have been known to underpay and even deny accident claims. Car accident attorney in Salt Lake City Joseph Jardine at Jardine Law Offices P.c. can help negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. He can also help you complete the claims process. Joseph Jardine at the Jardine Law Offices, P.C. takes the time to thoroughly investigate each accident case. He consults regularly with medical and law enforcement experts to help build your case and to provide possible testimony on behalf of the client. From the moment when clients visit Jardine Law Offices P.C. for their initial consultation, Joseph's legal staff takes the time to address all of your questions and concerns. Once a person becomes a client, they immediately start building your case. The legal team at the Jardine Law Offices, P.C. provides legal representation and counsel for a variety of personal injury cases in Salt Lake City, Farmington, Bountiful.
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We are an online slack team of communication and knowledge management which focus on data science and machine learning by Apache Spark, Python Scikit-Learn, Scala Breeze, R or any other topics on big data domain.
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Platform for scientific computing, data management and collaboration.
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Some useful information on CDL Jobs: truck driver sitting behind directing wheel in truck There are select occupations you should initially talk about with friends and family before considering applying for work in the field. Truck driving is one such occupation. From multiple points of view, being an OTR (over-the-street) or CDL driver is more a way of life than an occupation. Its requests, especially upward of 300 days of the year out and about, will absolutely constrain what time you spend at home, subsequently affecting associations with people around you. Furthermore, on the grounds that it might be two years previously you can move into a provincial driving position that considers you to return home week after week, rather than once at regular intervals, companions or accomplices merit some state in your considerations previously you choose if driving a truck as a profession is for you. In any case, in case you're pulled in to adaptability, 20 hours of isolation every day, and following an alternate daily practice from whatever remains of the populace, at that point this vocation is unquestionably worth investigating. To help you in an exchange with friends and family, and to fill you in on what's in store in this profession, consider the eight significant actualities beneath about truck drivers in the US. You might be shocked by what you realize. Trucking Jobs: https://srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html 1. Days can start extremely early. Numerous drivers like to move with the light; others like to drive as the night progressed. OTR truck drivers don't have set beginning hours, except if they're bringing in to dispatch subsequent to coming back from "time off." 2. You might be relied upon to work up to 70 hours over an eight-day time frame. After you've labored for 70 hours, you can't drive again until the point when you take an entire 34 hours on furlough. The 70-hour limit could be come to by working 14-hour days, yet you can't drive for over 11 hours in multi day. You should finish up your "Long periods of Service" with a 10-hour break. 3. A few drivers are paid hourly, yet by and large pay is determined by mile. A conveyance driver does not get paid when the individual in question isn't conveying. 4. Businesses who pay "viable miles" pay dependent on each mile driven while at work. Then again, "paid miles" is increasingly similar to drawing a straight-line on a guide from Point A to Point B, despite the fact that courses aren't in every case straight. Your compensation can increment in the event that you turn into a coach, will pull oversize cargo or unsafe materials, or if a business pays you a level of each heap you run. 5. Frequently, you won't recognize what you'll be paid until the finish of a year. A decent gauge would be $35,000 in your first year, and $45,000 to $55,000 from that point. 6. You will either do "drop and snares" or live stacking and emptying, which can take a few hours each. An OTR driver will never need to empty any cargo, yet you are dependent on different sending and getting offices watching your strict timetable. 7. Most drivers are relied upon to cover 125,000 miles for every annum. That separates to around 2,500 miles every week, which compares to 500 miles per day. Consider that. 8. There are numerous advantages that accompanied a truck driver's timetable, not the minimum of which is a novel perspective of the nation, and in addition kinship among your companions. You'll generally get the opportunity to drive present day trucks with agreeable, ergonomically planned seats to enable you to remain caution and centered. This is similarly also, in light of the fact that a large portion of your working days are spent in a 8' x 8' space, however that shouldn't limit your creative energy or desire. Truck drivers have a long history of being held in high regard by the general population. There's a persevering social appreciation for the 'Knights of the Road'–part cowhand outlaws, part store network sheriffs. There's even a national thankfulness week! Simply be cautioned that regardless of whether you're youthful, single, and quick to be free, it's certainly difficult to be a "proficient vacationer." Talk through the implications of this way of life, for your friends and family and yourself. A decent day for a truck driver is constantly spent out and about (or out and about home). Shouldn't something be said about this occupation may interest you? How might you sit back from in the driver's seat of a major apparatus? Talk us up in the remarks underneath! Best wishes from CDL Jobs Team!!!
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MakerHunt.co is an invite-only Slack community for ProductHunt Makers to discuss post-Product Hunt life.
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Slack community for Go programming language.
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A new Slack community for Australian digital designers and developers.
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Dfw Roofing Pro is highly devoted to serve the roofing and fencing needs in a timely manner with extensive emphasis on quality craftsmanship and customer service.
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Get all the help with your technical interview question.
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A place for Chrome developers to meet, share, and discuss the latest in web development.
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Join Hundreds of SAP experts around the world. Slack Community.
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Official Slack for The Kubernetes Project. Open source container cluster management.
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ScaleUpYourTeam is a leading virtual company, headquartered in North Wales, PA, the USA with branch offices in Pune, India. Since 2006, it has been helping Small and Medium Businesses in 27 countries and across 5 continents to hire dedicated employees from India in any domain or profession. ScaleUpYourTeam mindset is focused solely on professionalism.
We are here to uncover crypto scams and inform readers. Specifically about scams like the bitcoin loophole.
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DevOps Slack Chat for Server Lovers
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www.mywifiext.net is the official web address where you can setup your netgear wifi range extender. However, if you facing any issue during mywifiext.net setup or mywifiext.net login, just pick your phone and dial toll free 1-888-927-4505 for mywifiext.net support.
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Welcome to the Colony Community - a decentralised platform for creating a new kinds of startup, governed on the blockchain, and owned and operated by their members.
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The open source protocol for issuing assets on the bitcoin network.
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At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, A Professional Corporation, you will find an attorney with a reputation for results. Led by Los Angeles Workers Compensation attorney William J. Kropach, his firm has been protecting the rights of injured workers for nearly four decades. For more than 40 years, the law firm has helped countless men and women recover the proper worker’s compensation settlement needed to address their medical bills, damages, and lost wages. Located in Encino, Los Angeles and all over California, since 1978 their law firm has been handling complex and difficult workers' compensation cases. His Law Firm takes on appeals for denied work injury claims and has experience representing clients from a large number of various industries.
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Quantify Open Chat
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Stewart, Murray & Associates Law Group believes in aggressively representing their clients while maintaining the personal compassion needed when counseling clients through difficult situations and navigating a complex legal system. The goal of Car accident Attorney Pittsburgh Jonathan M. Stewart is to achieve the best possible outcome and try to get the maximum compensation you deserve. They represent clients injured in accidents as well as clients facing criminal charges and DUI charges in Pennsylvania.
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A Slack community for Game Developers of all kinds.
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Goferzone is a subordinate branch from the Trioangle Technologies. We highly support business visionaries to commence ride sharing business or other on-demand business in a effective way. We are known as Stalwart to provide the reliable solution on time for your business needs. That's why you can be busy with your business process and all the technical hazards will be preside over by our tech teams. Our dev experts will customise the script according to your request in less than a particular interval of time. We have solid MVP in the Uber Clone script and for other Uber for X and our script is encompassed with the 5 set of applications that is admin web panel, iOS and android rider app, iOS and android driver app. The high end technologies that we use for the drafting of the script is Swift For iOS Application Java For Android Application Laravel Framework and AngularJS For Admin Panel
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Router Login Netgear web interface is basically the control panel where all the basic and advanced configurations of wireless router are possible. Call us at 1-844-897-9854 to get instant technical assistance with your Netgear router.
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My team come up with ideas. The world isn't bad it just needs fixing
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Sustenhance is a community of young researchers, entrepreneurs, and developers who want to share ideas and increase productivity. We are... integrating leading edge technology with science, interested in starting startups based on the problems of all scales, and conducive to the overall workflow as avid learners and collaborators. Meet fellow researchers and developers to come up with groundbreaking products and discovery.
A brand new group for independent workers and full-time freelancers.
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Community of Live Coders
MJ Freeway cannabis consultants have made our clients’ dreams come true. From winning licenses and optimizing businesses to increasing revenue and passing inspections, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve success.
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Slack community for Google Cloud Platform devs.
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create an exchange script that’s being used by the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world
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A Slack Community for Entrepreneurs and Startups in Vancouver, BC
1103 teams are listed on Slofile now.