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Slack group of female founders and women in tech space.
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If you want to chat with other Ionic devs, get feedback on your app, test new features, or just hang out, come join us. There’s also a higher probability of running into Ionic core team members as well (compared to IRC), since we are heavy Slack users.
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sharing knowledge with together
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a place for realtime communication and collaboration on the topic of open data.
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Hack Night SLC is a free monthly meetup in Salt Lake City Utah for coders, business people, designers, and anyone interested in tech.
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Our mission is to make application security visible so that people and organizations can make informed decisions about application security risk.
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A Slack community for developers and operators of MidoNet, open source SDN for OpenStack and Docker.
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Slack chat for photographers
West Coast Trial Lawyers - personal injury lawyer have helped injury victims across the state of California recover compensation for their injuries. West coast trial lawyers have extensive experience in successfully winning tough cases, which has resulted in in winning over $1 billion for our clients. The president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, Neama Rahmani, is one of the youngest graduates in the history of Harvard Law School. Many celebrities, including Carmen Electra, Johnny Manziel, Anabelle Acosta, and others, have chosen our firm to represent them.
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We are an invite-only community for SaaS founders & professionals. Established to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.
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Community for Stellar.org, digital currency & financial inclusion. Stellar is a decentralized protocol for sending and receiving money in any pair of currencies.
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Slack community for Meteor.
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Our group is a safe, confidential space for women who work in technology to chat and support each other. Please consider joining us whether you are new to the tech industry or you are a long-time practitioner.
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Hangout and chat with other bootstrappers just like you Bootstrapping a business by yourself or with a small team can be tough. Sometimes you just need to bounce an idea off a few people, or share a success you just had. Other times you might just need to blow off some steam or get some help on an issue you're having. Bootstrapped Chat is a casual place you can come hangout with "your people." Think of it like the old-school IRC channels. Come and go as you please, meet new people, and maybe help out some other bootstrappers.
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Join 3000 startup people in the largest Slack group of Berlin. We see it and want it to be an online community where you e-talk about what glocal Berlin startups daily life is.This is a place where you can pursue or share that talk you heard or that conversation you started during the last meet-up you went to. It is also the place where you can start conversations and talks and get valuable inputs from other starturpers.
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We are a slack community of Gainesville techies.
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The first Slack community for UAE startups. Join founders, hackers, investors, and advocates to chat and share resources around the MENA startup community.
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Chat with 100+ AirBnB hosts around the world.
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a community of Colorado-based software engineers, working in or interested in startups, web development, data science, system administration, or other applications of computer science.
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Tasked with building an API for your company but don't have a clue where to start? Taken over an existing API and hate it? Come and get help, talk with other API developers, share horror stories or show off.
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LcTrucking, we are located in Texas USA to supply information on trucking jobs. You can see latest CDL jobs and information for free. Also, you can find best trucking companies and trucking schools near me in Texas. We update daily. You are requested to visit and revisit to check-out latest high paying trucking jobs information with starts. Source: www.srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html
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slashrocket is a community of developers of all backgrounds. we started with a few people talking about code and have since grown to a community of more than 900 members. we work together to create projects as a group, discuss development, and provide a friendly home on the web for developers. we adhere to a code of conduct so everyone feels welcome.
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Place where infosec professionals and developers discuss the latest news about security, share knowledge and feedback.
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Slack community for Sinatra framework.
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A community of music lovers
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Join our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers. #Launch is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.
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The global Slack network for Jewish entrepreneurs, investors and students. Engage with over 2500 investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, executives, and technical grad students across the globe. Tribe of Angels (TOA) sparks discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and collaborations. Slack enables members to connect anytime and anywhere.
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Why you need to find trucking jobs? There’s nothing standing between you, your vehicle, and the open road winding ahead. The windows are down, the gentle breeze is tickling your cheek, and you’re singing along with the radio that is blasting your jam. Life is great. You’re doing what you love: driving. Your only wish is that you could get into a career doing something that makes you as happy as driving. Hey! Here’s an idea for you. What about a career as a truck driver? Truck driving is one of the steadiest jobs out there, and there is a big shortage of qualified drivers who are up to the task. And, truck driving will never be outsourced. As long as consumers continue to purchase merchandise, there will be a need for drivers to transport the goods to their destinations. More high paying trucking jobs: https://srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html The need for qualified truck drivers is in high demand, so if you’re looking for a stable job, a career in truck driving could be the one for you. After reading if you thinka CDL career might be for you bookmark our top truck driving schools page and study for class with a variety of CDL tests. Best wishes from trucking jobs team!
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Some useful information on CDL Jobs: truck driver sitting behind directing wheel in truck There are select occupations you should initially talk about with friends and family before considering applying for work in the field. Truck driving is one such occupation. From multiple points of view, being an OTR (over-the-street) or CDL driver is more a way of life than an occupation. Its requests, especially upward of 300 days of the year out and about, will absolutely constrain what time you spend at home, subsequently affecting associations with people around you. Furthermore, on the grounds that it might be two years previously you can move into a provincial driving position that considers you to return home week after week, rather than once at regular intervals, companions or accomplices merit some state in your considerations previously you choose if driving a truck as a profession is for you. In any case, in case you're pulled in to adaptability, 20 hours of isolation every day, and following an alternate daily practice from whatever remains of the populace, at that point this vocation is unquestionably worth investigating. To help you in an exchange with friends and family, and to fill you in on what's in store in this profession, consider the eight significant actualities beneath about truck drivers in the US. You might be shocked by what you realize. Trucking Jobs: https://srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html 1. Days can start extremely early. Numerous drivers like to move with the light; others like to drive as the night progressed. OTR truck drivers don't have set beginning hours, except if they're bringing in to dispatch subsequent to coming back from "time off." 2. You might be relied upon to work up to 70 hours over an eight-day time frame. After you've labored for 70 hours, you can't drive again until the point when you take an entire 34 hours on furlough. The 70-hour limit could be come to by working 14-hour days, yet you can't drive for over 11 hours in multi day. You should finish up your "Long periods of Service" with a 10-hour break. 3. A few drivers are paid hourly, yet by and large pay is determined by mile. A conveyance driver does not get paid when the individual in question isn't conveying. 4. Businesses who pay "viable miles" pay dependent on each mile driven while at work. Then again, "paid miles" is increasingly similar to drawing a straight-line on a guide from Point A to Point B, despite the fact that courses aren't in every case straight. Your compensation can increment in the event that you turn into a coach, will pull oversize cargo or unsafe materials, or if a business pays you a level of each heap you run. 5. Frequently, you won't recognize what you'll be paid until the finish of a year. A decent gauge would be $35,000 in your first year, and $45,000 to $55,000 from that point. 6. You will either do "drop and snares" or live stacking and emptying, which can take a few hours each. An OTR driver will never need to empty any cargo, yet you are dependent on different sending and getting offices watching your strict timetable. 7. Most drivers are relied upon to cover 125,000 miles for every annum. That separates to around 2,500 miles every week, which compares to 500 miles per day. Consider that. 8. There are numerous advantages that accompanied a truck driver's timetable, not the minimum of which is a novel perspective of the nation, and in addition kinship among your companions. You'll generally get the opportunity to drive present day trucks with agreeable, ergonomically planned seats to enable you to remain caution and centered. This is similarly also, in light of the fact that a large portion of your working days are spent in a 8' x 8' space, however that shouldn't limit your creative energy or desire. Truck drivers have a long history of being held in high regard by the general population. There's a persevering social appreciation for the 'Knights of the Road'–part cowhand outlaws, part store network sheriffs. There's even a national thankfulness week! Simply be cautioned that regardless of whether you're youthful, single, and quick to be free, it's certainly difficult to be a "proficient vacationer." Talk through the implications of this way of life, for your friends and family and yourself. A decent day for a truck driver is constantly spent out and about (or out and about home). Shouldn't something be said about this occupation may interest you? How might you sit back from in the driver's seat of a major apparatus? Talk us up in the remarks underneath! Best wishes from CDL Jobs Team!!!
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Healthureum is a new revelation in the crypto sphere that combines blockchain and healthcare to bring the best of both under one roof. The Healthureum platform is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency Healthureum is a new revelation in the crypto sphere that combines blockchain and healthcare to bring the best of both under one roof. The Healthureum platform is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency
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Join online workers worldwide in our chat group and publication. Working from home is awesome. But it can be a little frustrating and isolating at times. We need other people going through the same stuff to share things with.
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Slack community came out from https://www.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur
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Chat community for the global events industry on Slack.
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We are a collective of software engineers and programmers in the Tampa Bay Area. Our purpose is to promote a sense of community among local technology organizations and their members. We seek to better communication between leaders, centralize efforts, improve culture, and to support our members in a way that strengthens our community and promotes the common good.
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Bolt is a tool for Content Management, which strives to be as simple and straightforward as possible.
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Talk to some of the best AngularJS minds on the web today
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Slack community for scotch.io
MJ Freeway cannabis consultants have made our clients’ dreams come true. From winning licenses and optimizing businesses to increasing revenue and passing inspections, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve success.
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Official Slack community of Keen IO
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Official Slack chat for WordPress.
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We love people almost as much as we love Swift. That is why we created a Slack community to create a real-time feedback loop that allows us all to share and help each other.
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Liposomal CBD non-THC (<0.3%) Cannabidiol (CBD) from all-natural Colorado hemp oil uses our state-of-the-art liposomal delivery methods to increase absorption of this exceptional phytochemical compound. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. This compound interacts with our body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors to enhance the feeling of well-being and aid with pain relief. CBD has also been shown to relieve anxiety and reduce seizures and convulsions. There is also a growing body of credible anecdotes about support for cancer treatments and impact on remission from other chronic diseases.
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Connect with fellow professionals working on the operations side of their startups or small businesses. From HR and recruitement professionals to customer support and legal professionals, #ops is growing and we'd love to have you be a part of it. #ops facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, feedback, and insights.
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Frankfurt Hackers, Engineers and Developers community
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A Slack group to discuss about Chatbots & AI across various platforms. We are open to developers, advisors, investors, budding entrepreneurs, & anyone who wants to build & promote bots.
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Slack channel for Python programming language.
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Slack community for Swift programming language.
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