Connect with other security professionals and start sharing your stories, experiences and knowledge with people from across the globe!
Official Public Slack for Mesosphere DCOS.
Become a better UX designer with online mentoring. Join our global community of people learning UX and get help from our team of experienced UX, Research and Service Design mentors.
a global community of startup data scientists, data warehousers, and BI types. We currently have 90 members from all over the world.
a Slack community for MySQL users. We discuss problems, post questions, organize meetups and talk about everything MySQL.
SAFE is a peer-to-peer data storage network that enables developers to build scalable apps.
a place for anyone to discuss applied ethnography.
AmateurPreneur is a community on Slack for beginner entrepreneurs. A place to discuss, share, get help and acquire feedback.
Slack chat for photographers
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